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Core Plug Set for 1934-1948 Plymouth - Dodge - DeSoto - Chrysler
OE-style convex cooling system freeze plugs for all 1941-48 Chrysler Corp. passenger cars

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Set of OE-style steel convex core (or freeze) plugs for all 1934-48 Plymouth; all 1934-48 Dodge passenger cars and trucks; all 1934-48 DeSoto and all 1934-48 Chrysler

Frequently we are asked if we can supply these plugs in brass. The answer is NO. Because the engine block is made of a ferrous metal (iron), everything in contact with the iron block and the coolant water should also be made of an iron-based metal. If you remember your high school chemistry class, you learned that if you immerse two dis-similar metals (iron and brass) in an electrolyte (the coolant water), you will have created a galvanic battery cell that will rapidly erode the least "noble" metal part (your engine bock). You don't want that! Making sure that any metal parts used in the cooling passages are made of a ferrous (iron-based) metal will keep the erosion to a minimum. There are mechanics that will try to install brass core plugs into your engine's water jacket thinking that they are doing you a favor. Don't let them + + + + Specify engine type when ordering