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4-Pc Clutch - Pressure Plate - Release Bearing Pkg for 1935-1942 Dodge - DeSoyo - Chrysler
Complete clutch service package includes driven friction disc, pressure-plate and cover, throw-out bearing and crankshaft pilot bushing

$434.84 (exchange) - $584.84 (w/core deposits)
Our Price: $434.84

Product Code: 317-019

Core Return Preferennce*:


Complete 10" clutch service package for all 1935-40 Dodge passenger cars; all 1935-40 DeSoto; all 1935-40 Chrysler (6- & 8-cylinder) and 1941-42 Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler without Fluid Drive. Includes re-manuafactured driven friction disc, re-manufactured pressure-plate and cover, new throw-out bearing and new crankshaft pilot bushing + + + + Sold on an exchange basis: Please include $150 core deposit or we will need your old (must be rebuildable) disc and pressure-plate before we can ship

  • MoPar (remanufactured)