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Challenger & 'Cuda: MoPar's E-Body Muscle Cars (hardcover)
History and legacy of the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth's E-Body Barracuda

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Chrysler entered the pony-car market with the capable but unlovely Barracuda in the early 1960s. The car was refined over the years, becoming a true muscle car, and a rather handsome one at that, but it wasn’t until the advent of the E-body pony cars from 1970-1974—Barracudas, the Dodge Challenger, and Plymouth ‘Cuda—that Chrysler became a true player in the pony-car market. This book tells the story of Chrysler’s pony car series, from the advent of the original Barracuda in 1964 to the final days of the smog-motored Challengers and ‘Cudas of the mid-1970s, focusing on the series’ heyday in the early 1970s. Hardbound. 10.31" x 10.25". 192 pages

Hemmings Muscle Machines, February 2006 (circ.: 55,000) “Consider this book a historical work rather than one of reference. We’ll admit it’s a fine distinction, but the point here is not facts and figures, but history. The good stuff (and it is good stuff) is the story of the development and evolution of Challengers and ’Cudas. It’s well-written, entertaining and, if Genat’s track record is any guide, pretty accurate, if not perfect."

About the Author: Robert Genat is an accomplished author and photographer who has written 25 books for MBI Publishing. A self-proclaimed “gearhead,” Robert has restored two classic cars in the last 10 years (one of which was featured in a nationally syndicated television show). He and his wife Robin own and operate ZoneFive Photo. Genat lives in Encinitas, California