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Chrysler 300: 1955-1970
Chrysler 300: 1955-1970

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When Chrysler introduced its C-300 in 1955, it was the dawn of a new era in muscle-car luxury on the street and and of a legend on the racetrack

This is a model-by-model photographic history of these classics. This is a book of contemporary road tests, technical and performance data, drivers' impressions, racing and development. The book covers models C300, 300B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, 300 and 300X. Chrysler Hemi engines had been winning races for some years before the announcement of the C-300 in January 1955. The C-300 lived up to its competitive ancestors and was immediately used for racing. The 300B followed with minor styling changes and a bored out engine. However the 300C of 1957 was a completely new car and the most successful 300 made, with a convertible added to the line. It now became America's most powerful car. Coil springs were replaced by torsion bars, the wheels grew to 15 inches and the performance was improved. The ban on open participation in racing meant the 300D was a softer car and the Hemi was dropped for the 300E. Performance was later reintroduced with the 300F setting the Flying Mile record at Daytona in 1960. Sales fell off as the lettered 300 cars were no longer unique

More than 200 photographs detail the changes in the models, components and options from year to year providing an invaluable recognition and restoration guide to these cars. Included are specifications, paint colors, interior trim and available options